Iota ILB-CP LED emergency drivers are now UL classified for field installation

Iota’s ILB-CP Constant Power LED Emergency Drivers are now UL Classified for the U.S. and Canada. The new certification makes the ILB-CP Series the only LED emergency drivers UL Classified for use in field installation projects. The unique design of the ILB-CP Series delivers constant power to the LED array, resulting in no degradation of emergency illumination for the full 90-minute runtime. The constant power design, combined with 10-60V Class 2 output, allows the ILB-CP to deliver predictable, consistent emergency performance for a variety of LED factory and field applications.

Previously, LED emergency drivers were limited to UL Component Recognized certification, limiting the scope of emergency driver installations to primarily factory installation. With the expansion of suitability of the ILB-CP Series for field projects, Iota has provided expanded reference tools at www.iotaengineering/cptools to assist in specifying the appropriate LED emergency driver that meets both project and code requirements.

Further information on Iota’s UL Classified ILB-CP LED Emergency Drivers can be found at or by calling Iota directly at 1-800-866-4682.


Iota Engineering

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