dilitronics provides guest-friendly LED illumination for German hotel

Dilitronics has created a stylish atmosphere in the new SCALA Turm Hotel's rooms by using integrated LED light stripes in the ceilings and walls that are controlled by guests.

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The developer of LED drivers and LED system solutions, dilitronics GmbH has turned the rooms and corridors of the recently opened, four-star SCALA Turm Hotel in Jena, Germany, into energy-efficient SSL works of art using a sophisticated illumination concept based completely on LED techniques and digital control components. The guests can control the light stripes integrated into their rooms' ceilings and walls that can produce a broad color spectrum.

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Drivers for dimming and controlling the colors as well as the power supply units and luminaires were all a part of dilitronics' package, giving the SCALA Turm Hotel a modern and energy-saving system of illumination.

The rooms in the SCALA Turm Hotel are unique in that natural light plays a key role. Most of the exterior walls are glass and the bathrooms have transparent walls, flooding the rooms with light. The LED design complements these natural conditions with a unique light set-up that uses refined accents and hides the luminaires in the background, allowing for an airy and floating room atmosphere. The interior design is also kept free of decoration.

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Digital addressable lighting interfaces (DALI) control the illumination. The DALI components allow individual light intensities and atmospheres to be saved and activated. The efficient controlling abilities of the LED luminaires can also offer a high energy-saving potential.

Corridors in the hotel can also be immersed in numerous RGB light scenes. The corridors that are without natural daylight are provided with a multi-faceted LED system that reproduces, among other effects, a sunlight spectrum. A motion-sensor control ensures the SSLs are only used when needed, a cost-saving measure.

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