LEDsmagazine.com gets major upgrade designed to better serve visitors

The redesigned website launched at the beginning of 2014 features an improved home page with far more content immediately accessible, more navigable topic centers that allow visitors direct access to content of interest, and more robust links to content that is directly related to an article that's currently displayed.

LEDsmagazine.com gets major upgrade designed to better serve visitors
LEDsmagazine.com gets major upgrade designed to better serve visitors

The LEDs Magazine staff has rolled out a redesigned website for 2014 that has been optimized to improve the visitor experience. We believe the new site will provide far simpler access to more content on the home page while also allowing visitors to bookmark and directly access specific topic and subtopic areas of interest. The new site also improves access to content such as video, provides visitors with one-click access to related content, and optimizes site navigation.

We'd encourage you to take the new site for a test drive starting on the homepage. Click on the logo in the upper left-hand corner to get to the homepage from anywhere on the site. Our updated header has an improved navigation bar. The top left section gives you easy access to LEDs Magazine partner sites, where you can find more material relevant to LEDs and lighting, including market research and industry events.

If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to LEDs Magazine, which is free for qualified subscribers. You can find the subscribe button in the upper right-hand corner. If you'd like to check out past magazine issues, you can access them from this location as well.

The center navigation bar gives you quick access to our most popular content types, including articles, educational webcasts, and information on new products and companies. Be sure to check out our video section in the coming months, as we're currently working on some cool video projects.

The bottom navigation bar gives you quick access to all LEDs Magazine topic centers. This is where you'll find content organized by topics and truly tailored to your interests.

As you explore the rest of the homepage you'll notice a larger font, an easy-to-view layout, and the abundance of images. We're frequently publishing new content, both from our editors and user submissions, so be sure to check back daily to keep up to date with the latest in the LEDs and lighting industry.

Topic centers

After you finish exploring the homepage, navigate to one of our new topic centers. Our topic centers are split up into main topics (which are seen in the bottom navigation bar) and sub-topics (which are seen when you hover over any main topic in the navigation bar). The main topic centers display content from all their sub-topics, while the sub-topics are specific to each listed subject.

Now click on an article. You'll notice that the article pages have been updated with a larger font for easier reading. At the bottom of each article you'll also find sections for related articles, companies, and products. Our cutting-edge algorithms know what story you're reading and will recommend other articles that are similar.

Company press release submission

One of the most unique features of LEDs Magazine is that we allow companies that participate in the LEDs and lighting industries to submit announcements that we display on our site. If you didn't know about this feature, make sure you check it out. Simply hover your mouse over Announcements in the header and click on "Submit Announcement." Your announcement will be reviewed and posted by the editorial team.

If you haven't used LEDs Magazine's Supplier's Directory before, this is a great time to see what it has to offer. Here you'll find information about various companies and products in the industry. You can even submit your own listing to help other users to find your company and enhance your business presence.

Responsive design

We have also taken steps to improve the mobile device experience with a quickly growing number of our users accessing our site from phones and tablets. Rather than a mobile version of our website, which is typically a scaled-back version of the full site that lacks many features, responsive design rearranges the site components — so no matter what device you're using, you have easily viewed access to the entire site. You can see how the site "responds" to your screen size by dragging the edge of the browser window (on a desktop) and noticing how the sections move around. On some PC browsers, you may need to widen the screen for optimum viewing.

This redesign is a culmination of feedback from our users and we'd love to hear what you think. If you have any questions about the new site, please visit the Contact Us page and call or email a member of the team.

If you enjoy LEDs Magazine and want to keep up to date with the latest industry news and views, be sure to subscribe to our newsletters by clicking the Subscribe link at the top right corner of the site.

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