Packaging and assembly materials developer Techsil announces agreement with MG Chemicals

Packaging and assembly materials provider Techsil is delighted to announce an agreement to supply M.G. Chemicals’ high performance range of adhesives and sealants. This popular range has been designed with the Electronics industry in mind and covers a large range of solutions:

• Thermally and Electrically Conductive Epoxy Adhesives
• Thermal Management Compounds
• Protective Coatings (including EMI/RFI Shielding)
• Flame Retardant Epoxies
• Conductive and Conformal Coatings
• Encapsulating and Potting Compounds (including Optically Clear)
• High Temperature Epoxies
• Industrial Cleaners
“Techsil has an enviable reputation for providing excellent customer service and part of this is being able to listen to our customers’ needs and respond accordingly. A large proportion of our customers are in the Electronics sector and to improve our service we felt we needed to expand our offering of not just Electronics adhesives and sealants, but also ancillary products such as cleaners and solders. MG Chemicals’ products are high quality and high performance and are tried and tested in North America, early indications show that these products will be well received in the UK.” - Chris Dilley, Techsil Sales Director

Techsil’s official launch date is 23rd May 2016, preparations are already underway and you will find the full range available to view (and pre-order) at, along with downloadable Technical and Safety Data Sheets.

There are so many great ranges and products on offer from MG Chemicals it is certainly worth a browse!


Kate Harris - Techsil
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