Pathway Lighting Products develops tunable LED fixture with Dow Corning® MS-2002 moldable silicone

The Challenge
Imagine a hospital or residential care facility in the early morning hours. Very warm lighting bathes the halls and common areas as residents and patients begin their day. As the day progresses, the lighting changes subtly, until it reaches a brighter white. Later, the lighting color begins to warm, and patients or residents feel the evening settle in.

Schools, restaurants, hotels and other locations can benefit from a changing spectrum of light to set moods. Other applications might impact health and wellbeing — sending signals of the day ebbing and flowing — and possibly supporting Circadian rhythms.

Now, what if one LED light could achieve these different effects — changing from warm to cool and back again?

Pathway Lighting Products, a lighting fixture manufacturer located in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, wanted to create a tunable, white LED recessed downlight for applications like this. The downlight would feature a wide range of color temperatures: from 2100K to 4300K.

For the light’s engine, they worked with LED Engin, Inc., based in California’s Silicon Valley. For the reflector, Pathway Lighting wanted a material that would provide reflection across the light spectrum. They reached out to Dow Corning Corporation for recommendations to consider.

Find out how Dow Corning’s technical expertise and their industry leading Moldable Optical Silicones helped Pathway Lighting create a parabolic reflector. Read the full case study.


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