LEDs Applications Digest - Apr 4th, 2024
Monthly digest on high-potential LED lighting applications including health and wellbeing, controlled environment agriculture, and connected systems
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April 4, 2024

Our monthly LEDs Magazine Applications Digest features a Profile piece on the extensive work undertaken at the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine’s Light and Health Research Center (LHRC). The breadth of investigation at LHRC — including studies in elder care, skin-tone bias in pulse oximetry technology, discomfort glare with automotive lighting, pathogen control in agriculture, and much more — is exciting. As the team points out, “people who know us for just one of these areas may have no idea about the other areas we work in.”

We also have an update on rebate program trends from Craig DiLouie, who found that lighting rebates are still going strong, as a growing focus on energy efficiency through controls will further their adoption into commercial environments. Meanwhile, the stall in horticultural LED lighting appears to be easing, with a number of new project and trial announcements.

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The Light and Health Research Center continues to seek ways to advance the wellbeing of people and the planet through the science of light.
A flurry of announcements from Sollum and Signify suggests that growers are once again buying LED illumination for greenhouses and vertical farms.
DarkSky seeks to increase public awareness of responsible outdoor lighting.
CRAIG DILOUIE reveals that lighting rebate prospects remain strong, and alongside controls offers, incentivize greater commercial adoption — and installation upgrades — through 2024, according to fulfillment firm BriteSwitch.
Signify launches a single color trial as part of an inquiry into other light recipes.
DLC executive TINA HALFPENNY explains how the Qualified Products Lists are advancing energy-efficiency requirements across product types for multiple applications.
Smart lighting options such as tunable lighting, integrated shading, cloud-connected controls and software dashboards allow users and building owners to create functional and contented spaces.
These two building rating systems focus on connectivity and smart technology that delivers experiences. Could they be differentiators for your facility?