LEDs Focus On - Dec 21st, 2023
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December 21, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Focus On LEDs in Lighting newsletter for Dec. 21, 2023. Our end-of-year recap on the top 20 news stories is live, and while it was a tough year for many companies, there were plenty of new developments and applications that continued to grow, such as the offshore marine lighting market that Glamox has been serving. The lighting manufacturer recently shared an unusual luminaire stress test, dropping one of its fixtures from a helicopter over water to test its hardiness. A more recent custom design opportunity for McDonald’s and Cooper Lighting Solutions leveraged 3D printing to deliver a unique design that could be easily replicated closer to the customer, helping to reduce carbon emissions. Meanwhile, research and education opportunities continue to flourish, with the California Lighting technology Center expanding its Color Lab studies and Rensselaer’s Lighting Research Center opening up its next graduate lighting program.

We also continue to recognize innovation, advanced features, flexibility, and improved performance in LED and lighting technology with our annual BrightStar Awards. The final submission deadline is Jan. 26, 2024, but if you complete your entry by Dec. 29, 2023, you’ll save on the application fee.

I wish all in our audience a time of rest and reflection, and renewed energy to develop practical and sustainable solutions for the lighting business in the new year.

Carrie Meadows, [email protected]

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