October 21st webcast: Modeling LEDs in Optical Design and Analysis Software

Thirty-plus-year optical engineering veteran Dave Jacobsen will outline how to leverage optical design and analysis software to achieve the best outcomes in LED design for a range of applications.

Oct 21st, 2019
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Webcast Description:

LEDs have become the light source of choice in many applications including illumination and lighting, displays, light guides, indicators, and many other applications. Modern optical design and analysis software gives engineers and light designers powerful tools for designing new optical elements and systems. One key component in this process is the accurate modeling of the LED sources. In this webinar, we will look at the options available for modeling LEDs in optical design and analysis software. 

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Presented by:

Dave Jacobsen
Senior Application Engineer
Lambda Research Corporation

Dave Jacobsen is a Senior Applications Engineer at Lambda Research Corporation with over 30 years of optical engineering experience. Dave is Lambda Research Corporation's senior sales engineer and teaches many TracePro training classes, both in the US and worldwide. Prior to coming to Lambda Research Corporation, Dave worked as a Principal Optical Engineer at PerkinElmer, formerly EG&G, working with xenon flashlamp based systems for illumination, machine vision, and process control, as well as designing spectroscopy systems for biomedical applications.



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