GE Lighting updates LED cold case lighting, introduces new SSL canopy

Dec. 5, 2013
Immersion RV60 linear lighting for refrigerated cases delivers up to 22% energy savings relative to prior LED units, and the new Evolve Canopy luminaire targets gas stations and convenience stores.

GE Lighting has announced a new family of LED-based linear lighting fixtures in the Immersion RV60 line of products for vertical placement in refrigerated cases. For outdoor applications, the company has announced a new solid-state lighting (SSL) product for under-canopy applications at gas stations and convenience stores that the company said is optimized to perform in harsh outdoor environments.

Refrigerated applications

The refrigerated case was an early application area in which LEDs enjoyed success. LED-based lighting performs very well in cold conditions since the LEDs must be cooled anyway and because they don't radiate heat into the refrigerated environment. Moreover, the energy savings potential of LED-based fixtures in the application was significant because of the long hours the lights operate.

Many grocers, department stores, and warehouse stores have already installed SSL in their cases, but GE Lighting now says it can further enhance energy savings with a new design. The RV60 family takes advantage of the continuing evolution in LED technology to maximize savings.

"GE has taken advantage of improvements in LED technologies to engineer our Immersion RV60 LED lighting solution with fewer LEDs per system," said Kyle Mooney, global product manager for GE Lighting. "As a result, the new solution uses 13% to 22% less energy than previous generations of vertical display lighting. We have also switched from a 12V system to a 24V system, allowing for higher electrical loading in display cases."

GE says that the new design also improves the look of the merchandise, thereby helping to increase sales. The new products have a customized lens to provide even distribution of light even though the LED sources are brighter.

The RV60 products will come to market in January with fixtures in 48-, 60-, and 70-in. lengths. The shorter 48-in. product is new to the GE refrigerated family but driven by customer demand. The fixtures are available in 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K models and are rated for 50,000 hours of life.

Canopy fixtures

Moving to the outdoor lighting area, GE Lighting has a new product in its Evolve SSL family — the Evolve LED Canopy light. The company says that the design that integrates a heat sink directly onto the light engine can enable usage of the fixtures even in extremely hot environments under canopies. Likewise, the fixture can perform equally well in cold areas. GE offers the product in recessed and surface-mount versions.

"GE’s new Canopy Light is the latest LED lighting offering in the Evolve family of products, designed to provide energy-efficient solutions for a variety of outdoor lighting needs," said Michael Armstrong, product general manager of global outdoor lighting for GE. "This fixture balances the technical needs of an LED system with the functional demands of an outdoor fixture that must withstand year-round weather hazards. Its design also complements Evolve LED area lights to maximize efficiency for every property, regardless of the layout of parking and canopy areas."

It is worth noting that the GE design does expose the LED sources as opposed to using a diffuser to reduce glare. We've mentioned the trend toward more-diffuse-centric designs for canopies and parking garages several times recently, including in an article this week on a new Cooper LED fixture. Exposing the LED sources, however, does maximize light output, and with the Evolve series GE has long combined optical technologies to deliver glare-free light for outdoor area-lighting applications.