Tempo adds to LED CLiP fixture family, suggests change in design/specification philosophy

Tempo Industries has a new High Uniformity option in its CLiP family of SSL linear products that scale to extended lengths, and that the company says allow designers/specifiers to change their approach to basing designs on lumen depreciation to one based on expected renovation cycles.

Tempo 121813

Tempo Industries has announced the C7100/HU High Uniformity Series to the Configurable Lighting Platform (CLiP) family of linear fixtures that can be scaled for run lengths exceeding 100 ft. The HU Series combines new LEDs and optics that allow further reduction or elimination of the specular glare associated with LED point sources. Moreover, the company says that the new series further enables a change in architectural lighting design and specification to a model based on expected renovation cycles that can eliminate the over-lighting of spaces that has been common with light sources that suffer rapid lumen depreciation.

Tempo believes that the lumen depreciation of legacy sources has been the primary culprit that has led to over-lit spaces. "The L70 lamp lifetime paradigm has always led to an over-lighting of the space in order to accommodate the relatively rapid lumen depreciation of incumbent lamp sources," said Terrence Walsh, CEO of Tempo Industries. "Properly designed LED lighting does not suffer from substantial lumen depreciation, which is allowing Tempo to change that L70 paradigm by rating all of its products relative to time rather than to the depreciation."

Tempo 121813

Tempo rates the new HU CLiP products for a life of 86,000 hours delivering 90% or greater of the initial lumens or L90. That level of lumen maintenance performance was not typically specified with legacy sources. The projected life equates to almost ten years if the light is operated 24 hours per day.

"Tempo has selected a typical commercial renovation cycle, or roughly 86,000 hours as a reference point that can be common to both the lighting specifier/designer and the property operator, shifting the thinking from the bulb life to the installed life," said Walsh. "With that shift, the most relevant question simply becomes how much lumen depreciation the specifier should anticipate, and account for, over the installed life of the luminaire." The luminaires are backed by a five-year warranty.

The new HU Series is preassembled in lengths up to 8 ft. Tempo offers a choice of color temperature over the 2700K to 5000K range. The fixtures deliver up to 875 lm/ft. The HU series is 3-in. wide and 3.2-in. high. The fixtures offer numerous mounting options and a 12-ft installation requires only two mounting points. Moreover, a single power feed can supply a 100-ft run.

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