Cree XLamp XR-C LED broadens power portfolio

A new version of the Cree XLamp addresses applications that do not require the highest brightness.

Cree has extended its XLamp high-power LED family with the introduction of the XR-C, a device that delivers a typical luminous flux of 60 lumens at 350 mA.

The XR-C, available in production quantities, has a maximum luminous flux of 74 lumens at 350 mA equivalent to 60 lumens per watt.

The XR-C LED shares the same form factor as the company's flagship XR-E LED, allowing customers to re-use design elements.

Compared with the new XR-C, the XR-E has higher performance at 350 mA and is qualified for use up to 1000 mA. At the recent Strategies in Light meeting, Cree's Mark McClear explained that the XR-E is optimized for maximum lumens at high drive currents, and optimized for high efficacy (lm/W) at drive currents closer to 350 lm/W.

Meanwhile, the XR-C is optimized to provide the lowest cost per unit flux (i.e. dollars per kilo-lumen) and provides an alternative for applications that do not require the highest brightness.

"Cree recognizes the market need for a high performance, lower-priced power LED," notes Norbert Hiller, Cree vice president and general manager for XLamp LEDs. "The XLamp LED family now addresses the full spectrum of the power LED marketplace."

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