Intematix opens technology center to offer integration

Intematix is expanding its offerings beyond phosphors by adding integration capabilities within its LED lighting technology development center.

Intematix, a supplier of phosphors for solid-state lighting applications, has launched the Intematix Technology Center (ITC) in Yang Mei, Taiwan.

ITC will act as a marketing and sales arm of Intematix for its phosphors as well as for other key components including chips and silicones from strategic partners in the greater China market.

Intematix says that ITC will provide LED packagers with the full complement of materials necessary for rapid prototyping and deployment of LED lighting based on phosphor-converted LEDs.

The company recently acquired several key technology capabilities, including chip-on-board (COB) and ceramic-substrate LED array packaging. "[This allowed us] to finally address key needs that the growing solid state lighting industry has been requesting.” says Intematix’s Phosphor and SLL general manager, Yi-Qun Li.

The ITC has an integration and pilot production capability for a range of chip-on-board (COB) and integrated light engines/modules to support the needs of SSL system providers.

“This does not supercede our merchant phosphor solutions approach, but instead enhances it as well as shortening the time to market of new phosphors for specific LED applications,” added Li.

ITC is also capable of supporting rapid design and prototyping of complete LED-based lighting systems for use in general illumination applications. Intematix claims that it has "figured out how to fill a substantial market need while specifically avoiding competing directly with our existing and future customers."

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