Daktronics installs 500th LED digital billboard

Daktronics says that it is fueling the digital billboard revolution as it continues to supply LED displays to advertising firms.

LED display maker Daktronics has announced its 500th digital billboard installation. The billboard was a 14 x 48 foot LED display installed by advertising company Lamar in the Chicago metro area.

The company, which installed its first digital billboard in 2001, claims to have played "a major role in fueling the digital revolution" by offering an easy, full-service solution to outdoor advertising companies.

In August, Daktronics introduced the Valo(tm) OT digital billboard, which not only weighs less and consumes less energy than competing products, but also has an innovative pixel layout that offers superior image quality.

Daktronics says that it designed the Valo OT product to meet the evolving needs of the digital outdoor market. The product has several notable features: a proprietary mounting system that saves time and money during installation, an internal content controller that helps ensure sign code compliance and an intelligent diagnostics system that allows for remote monitoring and service.

“We are very excited to have installed our 500th LED billboard,” said Jeremy Johnson, billboard sales manager at Daktronics. “Not only does this mark a milestone for Daktronics, it indicates that this business is strong and growing rapidly. We are pleased to see this level of industry participation at this stage of the game.”

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