Polymer Optics Ltd is not closing down

Dec. 4, 2007
The UK-based optical components manufacturer is thriving, although a subsidiary of Fujifilm with a similar name has closed down.
Fujifilm Recording Media GmbH, a subsidiary of Fujifilm Inc. located in Kleve, Germany, recently announced the discontinuation of its Polymer Optic/Lens business.

Polymer Optics Ltd is a British company formed in 1998 and has no connection, past or present with the Polymer Optics /Lens operation of Fujifilm Recording Media GmbH.

The Board of Polymer Optics Ltd would like to make it clear that although the names of the two organisations are similar, Polymer Optics Ltd is a thriving operation and continues to push the technological boundaries of polymer optics for use with LEDs and other light sources.

A spokesperson for Polymer Optics Ltd said, "The new year of 2008 sees the launch of two new product ranges that will change the world of LED lighting."