Philips files patent complaint against PixelRange

Philips has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against PixelRange, an LED lighting manufacturer that has not signed up to Philips’ LED licensing program.

Philips has filed a claim for patent infringement against PixelRange, an LED lighting manufacturer, and its affiliate James Thomas Engineering Ltd, according to an article on the Big News website.

In the complaint filed on March 22, 2010, Philips claimed that 6 of its patents (including US patent no. 6,975,079) are infringed by PixelRange’s lighting products such as PixelMax, PixelPar, and PixelBrick.

The article quotes Björn Teuwsen, Director of Communications for Philips, as saying; “Philips filed suit to assert six of its patents against PixelRange Inc. and James Thomas Engineering Ltd., based upon our belief that their products infringe these patents. This step was taken as a last resolve to solve the issue, after earlier attempts to come to an agreement did not work out.

“The six patents in the suit are part of the Philips LED licensing program and therefore are available for license to those companies who intend to sell or are actually selling products which use the patented technologies.”

The LED licensing program was initiated in July 2008, since when Philips has signed up a number of licensing customers including Osram, Zumtobel and Acuity.

Philips is asking for the court to find PixelRange and James Thomas Engineering’s infringement willful as well as asking the court for damages, increased damages, pre- and post-judgment interest and attorney’s fees and costs.

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