LED-based MR16 from CRS Electronics approved by utility rebate programs

Two major US utilities have approved an LED-based MR16 lamp from CRS for inclusion in their rebate program.

CRS Electronics Inc., a Canada-based LED lighting manufacturer, has revealed that two undisclosed major electric utilities in the US have approved LED-based MR16 lamps from CRS for an incentive program offered to their commercial customers. The CRS lamp currently is the only LED MR16 approved for such a rebate under their program.

Scott Riesebosch, president of CRS Electronics, explained that customers that qualify for the rebate in these regions will be able to purchase the CRS product at a small fraction of the regular cost. This will create "a substantial, solid value proposition for their businesses," he said.

CRS anticipates shipping product in the first quarter of 2011. Orders should start to be placed over the next month as the utilities roll out the program to their commercial customers.

"The quality and performance of our products continues to be our competitive edge," said Riesebosch. "Producing LED MR16 replacement lamps which exceed the performance standards prescribed by major utility suppliers for a rebate approval has always been a top priority at CRS."

The two unnamed major utilities service a combined area of more than 100,000 sq. miles in 40 counties within the continental United States. The opportunity for CRS to capitalize on these rebate programs was described by the company as "significant."

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