LAX uses LEDs from Color Kinetics in lighting installation

Sept. 14, 2006
Color Kinetics LED fixtures have replaced metal halide fixtures in a renovated lighting installation at Los Angeles Airport.
Color Kinetics has supplied more than 1,800 LED-based fixtures for a landmark lighting renovation project at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

ColorBlast 12 Powercore LED fixtures were incorporated into the $1.8 million overhaul of the LAX Gateway, a series of 26 glass pylons leading to the airport’s entrance. Ranging in height from 25 to 110 feet, the translucent pylons can now display custom-designed, color-changing effects.

The project called for the replacement of five-year-old metal halide fixtures that required the use of glass filters, colored gels, and electro-mechanical color scrollers.

The single-cable line voltage system used for the ColorBlast 12 Powercore fixtures eliminates the need for numerous external power supplies.

“This landmark project demonstrates the exceptional flexibility that LED sources bring to retrofit installations – enabling highly customizable architectural structures without the complexities and long-term costs of traditional color lighting methods,” said Bill Sims, President and CEO, Color Kinetics. “We have enhanced the visual impact of LAX Gateway, while at the same time decreasing energy consumption and alleviating the maintenance costs and concerns of the past.”

Based on preliminary operation and testing, the LED-based system is expected to consume just 25% of the total energy drawn by the previous fixtures, while also reducing maintenance and cutting the number of electrical vendors required from six to two.

The pylons of LAX Gateway are visible to airline passengers at 3,000 feet, and benefit from a series of dynamic light shows. The distinctive, architectural structures were originally designed as part of a $112 million construction and landscaping program intended to make the airport more welcoming and convenient for more than 61 million passengers who use the airport annually.