Light Transformation Technologies claims patent infringement

Multiple companies have been cited in a patent infringement lawsuit in Texas.

Light Transformation Technologies LLC has filed two patent infringement lawsuits in the Eastern District of Texas against a number of companies, including LED makers, distributors, optics companies and even Volkswagen Group of America.

Light Transformation Technologies (LTT) claims to be the exclusive licensee under U.S. Patent No. 6,543,911 issued April 8, 2003 and entitled “Highly Efficient Luminaire Having Optical Transformer Providing Precalculated Angular Intensity Distribution and Method Therefore.”

According to the complaint, LTT says that the defendants have infringed the '911 Patent by using, importing and selling lenses designed for use with various manufacturers' LED. The defendants are:

  • Anderson Custom Electronics Inc.
  • Dialight Corp.
  • Digi-Key Corp. & Digi-Key International Sales Corp.
  • Fraen Corp. & Fraen SRL Holding Co.
  • Future Electronics Corp.
  • LED Lighting Supply LLC
  • Leddynamics Inc. dba LED Supply
  • Marubeni America Corp.
  • Osram Sylvania Inc.
  • Philips Lumileds Lighting Co. LLC
  • Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions, dba Philips Color Kinetics
  • Volkswagen Group of America Inc. dba Audi of America Inc.

    LTT says that the infringement has been willful and objectively reckless, justifying the award of treble damages. It is seeking a permanent injunction, compensatory damages, costs, interest, enhanced damages, attorneys' fees and any relief to which it may be entitled. In a separate case, the defendants are:

  • Alliance Electronics Corp. doing business as Khatod USA
  • Fraen SRL
  • Khatod Optoelectronics SRL
  • Ledil OY
  • Polymer Optics Ltd.

    LTT claims that the defendants are liable to LTT in an amount that adequately compensates LTT for their infringement, which, by law, can be no less than a reasonable royalty. LTT is seeking a permanent injunction, damages and more.

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