Nichia successful in LED patent dispute against Everlight

The Taiwan High Court has affirmed a lower court’s decision that ordered Everlight to pay damages to Nichia.

According to Japan-based LED maker Nichia, the Taiwan High Court has ruled on the design patent infringement lawsuit between Nichia and Everlight Electronic Co., Ltd., one of the largest LED packaging manufacturers in Taiwan. The ruling on 29 July 2009 rejected an appeal filed by Everlight, and upheld the original decision in its entirety. The original ruling was made in October 2007 – see News.

In the original decision, Taiwan Banchiao District Court found that certain LED products (99-215UWC/TR8, 99-115UWC/XXX/TR8 and 99-115UTC/710/TR8) supplied by Everlight infringe Nichia’s design patent (Taiwanese Design Patent No. 089036).

The District Court ordered Everlight to pay damages of NT$80 million (about US$2.4 million).

Nichia says that the High Court decision has “evidenced the justifiability of [the company’s] action for patent enforcement” and that the company will “continue taking proper measures over the world so as to protect and ensure its intellectual property rights.”

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