Partnerships point the way ahead in the solid-state lighting industry (MAGAZINE)

The acquisition of a lighting control company and a joint venture partnership with Osram is helping Traxon Technologies to bring optimism to the specification community, writes VALERIE COFFEY.

Adding links on both ends of the supply chain, LED lighting manufacturer Traxon Technologies recently developed its relationships with e:cue and Osram. Tony Carrella, president of Traxon Technologies and e:cue lighting control, took some time to discuss what this partnership means to the solid-state lighting community.

In October 2008, after several years of collaboration, Traxon, a manufacturer of LED-based lighting systems headquartered in Hong Kong, acquired e:cue, an independent lighting control company headquartered in Paderborn, Germany. At the end of 2008, Traxon further extended its global reach through a joint venture partnership with lighting giant Osram ( Traxon, now officially known as “Traxon Technologies – An Osram Company” became a 51% Osram-owned subsidiary while retaining its independence, including its own board of directors.


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