Luxonic releases brochure covering optimum lighting levels and solutions for commercial projects

Dec. 20, 2013
Date Announced: 20 Dec 2013 Luxonic has published a new commercial lighting brochure that highlights the importance of adequate and high quality lighting in the working environments of both office and industrial sectors. The 68-page brochure explains in depth the optimum light levels for various environments and offers a variety of solutions for a range of commercial lighting needs. Drawing upon over 25 years experience in designing and supplying diverse and effective lighting schemes across the commercial market, Luxonic has compiled the most recent data to create a straightforward guide to educate on the dangers of poor lighting and explain the technology behind their innovative solutions.As one of the leading privately owned luminaire designers and manufacturers in the UK, Luxonic strives to create products that provide exceptional light quality in all commercial situations. Having recently invested in further automated manufacturing, Luxonic has increased its capacity to deliver excellent product and service quality. Combined with the LuxLab, Luxonic’s very own research and development facility, it will continue to develop high efficiency light fittings with the use of optimal light sources such as fluorescent and LED.Luxonic products devised for the commercial markets benefit from exceptionally high energy efficiency and dramatically reduced maintenance requirements, both contributing to minimising the payback periods of the luminaires as less energy is used and costly lamp replacement cycles are eliminated. Careful electrical and thermal design extends the average life expectancy of the luminaires with the minimum claim being 50,000 hours as calculated according to TM21 and a result of lower electrical stress and running temperatures. The brochure gives detailed information on the science and application of SKYLUX, SLIMLUX, BROADLIGHTER and AIRLUX luminaires, focusing on the colour appearance and consistency and the high lumen maintenance characteristics these ranges share. Colour appearance and consistency is regulated by negotiating an arrangement with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors that ensures all LEDs for a scheme are received from the same bin, therefore maintaining consistent colour appearance throughout the scheme. Guidelines for best practise lighting design is constantly changing and as shown in their new brochure, Luxonic is constantly evolving its products to create the best optical systems that achieve compliance by developing material science and application. These include ultra high reflective materials, high transmission/source obscuration polycarbonates and new microstructure film technology to enhance light distribution. This is exemplified in the new SKYLUX Glass linear luminaire that has a patented optical system providing a radial light distribution for excellent uniformity whilst meeting the glare requirements for office lighting. The extensive performance verification carried out in the LuxLab that includes a thermal test chamber, electromagnetic compatibility suite, power analysis equipment and a 2m diameter integration sphere with spectrophotometer and photocell, ensures components supplied to Luxonic are of the highest standard. The brochure extensively covers the ALTERLITE, ALTERLUX, LINEARLUX and SKYLUX ranges as well as ceiling integrated lighting systems in partnership with SAS International where luminaires are designed to be installed in metal tiles in prepared apertures, often when a perforated pattern or special acoustic requirement is needed. Further details on Luxonic’s commercial lighting can be found on and commercial brochure requests can be made at.

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