WaveGo Handheld Spectrometer
WaveGo Handheld Spectrometer
The WaveGo is a handheld, wireless, cloud-connected spectrometer designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
Rapid, real-time measurement of light characteristics such as CCT, CRI, Lux and TM30 allow characterization of lighting in-situ, whilst further outputs such as DLI give highly valuable information in horticulture.

The WaveGo has already been demonstrated to be effective in the hands of high end retailers, museums and galleries, ensuring that products and works are shown in the most appropriate lighting for display whilst minimising light damage.

Whether it's as a sale tool, for research, or for verification of installed lighting, the value add of accurate data around lighting cannot be overstated. Quickly and simply save this data to our cloud via the WaveGo app for later use, either as a single snapshot measurement or continuous logging over time for analysis of lighting change.

For further information visit the Wave Illumination website.
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