Disruptive Innovation in Lighting Released by Australian Company

The Glo-X Light Sleeve is self-charging and emits a white light in ‘power on’ mode and then in ‘power off’ or glow mode emits light that not only provides a way finding system that lasts in excess of 12 hours, but its unique properties can be harnessed to provide substantial reductions in power usage.

Made from a unique Glo-X formula mixed with UV stabilized polypropylene, the sleeve simply slides over a standard LED or fluorescent light tube with fire resistant ABS end caps, and it is automatically charged by either white, blue, UV or natural light.

The innovative technology has been patented worldwide and NATA tested to meet DIN 67510, the requirement for safety guiding systems using long afterglow products.

Glo-X’s Chris O’Neill says it initially produces such a large amount of light when in ‘power off’ or glow mode, that when integrated with a building management system, not only provides profound cost savings, and substantial environmental benefits, but also provides adequate lighting for the intended building’s use.

“In addition to the reduction in power usage by the use of these products, there are also substantial benefits for emergency lighting systems, which have traditionally been reliant on a power source or battery which can still fail and requires ongoing maintenance. Glo-X’s innovation makes it a real game changer in this space,” Mr O’Neill says.

“Unlike other forms of photoluminescent products that generally provide a relatively low level of glow light which then diminish in intensity quite quickly, Glo-X’s product initially provides a very high level of light, enough to fill a whole room, and the light then genuinely lasts much longer thereafter.

“In fact it’s so effective that you can even read small text for 30 minutes or so after the powered lights turn off or fail, and you can read signage for up to 60 minutes after - and then it still provides way finding light for many hours after that. Another benefit is that the tube recharges instantly with any form of light.”

In ‘power on’ mode the light emitted from the Glo-X Light Sleeve is white, not green or discoloured like other photoluminescent products, and it can therefore be worked under with relative ease, perfect for office buildings and work places. The product has also been found to substantially reduce the effects of blue light output from LED light sources.

Mr O’Neill says the products can be easily and cost effectively installed in any residential or commercial building and it offers low maintenance, which is particularly attractive for social housing, student accommodation and care homes.

“There are obligations to ensure compliance in terms of emergency lighting standards, testing and maintenance, not just for offices and work places, but for anywhere large numbers of people might congregate,” Mr O’Neill says.

“This has been particularly highlighted by the Grenfell Tower fire last year and a number of other instances where social housing audits have found inadequate or no emergency lighting at all.

“There are hefty fines in place if these obligations aren’t met, but worse still people’s lives may be at risk and our product is a fail safe way to help prevent these disasters.”

Mr O’Neill says that whilst there is a once-off capital installation cost to fit the Glo-X Light Sleeves throughout an existing building, there is a very significant net saving benefit as they can dramatically impact a building’s utility and ongoing maintenance costs over the product’s substantial life.

“The patent that has been secured by Glo-X includes the integration of this innovative photoluminescent product with a unique combination of LED’s, batteries, and sensors to form an integrated whole-of-building low energy lighting system,” Mr O’Neill says.

The product is available in 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm tube lengths with an external diameter of 32.5mm, internal diameter of 28mm, and able to be cut to size.

This can also be manufactured to required specifications. 

The global emergency lighting market is forecast to grow to $7.9 billion by 2023 according to a report released by P&S Market Research, with Glo-X’s range of products targeting this market.

Glo-X, a world leader in photoluminescence products, and whose mantra is ‘Don't be left in the dark’, provides a range of safety lighting products including A3 block plans, fire extinguisher signage, light switch covers, hard coatings and paints.

Based in Queensland, Australia, the company is seeking distributors in Europe and the United States.

For more information go to glo-x.com.

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