Lighting Company Cocoweb Unveils New Line of Custom-Made Barn Lights

Cocoweb-barn, picture, piano lamps & lights - Art & LED lighting specialists
Cocoweb-barn, picture, piano lamps & lights - Art & LED lighting specialists

Online retailer Cocoweb recently announced the latest addition to their lines of LED lighting fixtures. A substantial increase to their selection of vintage barn lights, the company has implemented a new system that allows customers to create their own unique barn light from an assortment of different shades, arms, finishes and sizes. The result is a fully personalized illuminator, with each and every light crafted for individual tastes.

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Custom-Tailored Lighting

Cocoweb's newest selection of barn lighting fixtures are rooted in individuality. These barn lights are offered in a choice of five different shade styles and seven different arm types, and this freedom of design is purported to grant each and every light with a sense of personality: the angular shade of the Calla paired with the straight neck of the G1 Metropolitan arm imparts a wholly modernist appeal to one's light design; the delicate bell shade of the BlackSpot and the curving gooseneck of the G15 Rustic arm harken back to a more vintage style. The variations in interior design possibilities continue in their other shades—the classic Goodyear, the gilded chrome Peony, and the contemporary Oldage—and arms—the G6 Industrial, the G8 Traditional, the G22 Contemporary, the G24 Sleek, and the G26 Vintage—altogether mounting to over 3000 different styles of barn lighting available able to serve interior designs of any aesthetic.  

Indoor-Outdoor Versatility

Ranging with shade sizes between 8 and 18 inches and choice of seven finishes separate on the shade and arm, Cocoweb Barn Lights are made to always provide a full illumination, whether shining as exterior landscape lighting on the porch or as interior kitchen lighting in the pantry. Available finishes include enamel black, stark white, cherry red, pale jadeite, vintage green, mahogany bronze and a special galvanized silver coat, each of which sit upon a full steel frame and are covered in water-resistant powder coat—both the shades and arms of these lights meet MET standards for operation in wet locations, a weatherproofing that enables barn lighting in one's bathroom as easily as one's balcony.

LED Lighting Technology

Integrated with the latest lighting technology, Cocoweb's LED Barn Lights have a life of approximately 50,000 hours, an estimate that equals nearly 20 years of lighting with average use. This longevity, however, does not come at the cost of brightness—the lights also have a light level of 1600 lumens, a level slightly brighter than a 100W incandescent bulb. In addition, Cocoweb LEDs work at the highest energy efficiency, consuming only 25 Watts of electricity, and are fully compatible with wall dimmers for adjustable levels of brightness.

About Cocoweb: Cocoweb is an online commerce firm that has operated locally out of Irvine, California for over five years. In this time they have established themselves as a company always looking to innovate, providing high-end lighting products equipped with the latest LED technology to customers nationwide. More information can be found at

Media Contact: Bryan Hernandez, Cocoweb, 8887830378,

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