Encentiv Energy Exhibiting at Lightfair International

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Encentiv Energy will be exhibiting at Lightfair® International, May 7-10, 2018 in booth 5541 with live demos at 10:00am, 1:30pm and 4pm every day of the conference.

Encentiv Energy is unveiling a new product at Lightfair. The new LED Payback Widget is a valuable tool that provides website visitors with ROI and payback calculations for any product in your catalog, including both annual energy savings and the utility rebate estimate for any utility in the US or Canada. After they’ve entered their project information, you can give them an actionable next step to get in touch with your sales team to help them get the project started.

The LED Payback Widget can also be your sales team’s go-to tool to quickly add an ROI analysis that includes utility rebates to any proposal. It will save your sales team time and help them close more deals by showing how much money can be saved by becoming more energy efficient.

Not only is the payback widget a useful tool for consumers and sales teams, it is also a great asset for marketing and lead generation. You’re hosting a valuable resource right on your website that you can promote to attract more visitors to your site and keep them there longer. With visitor intelligence reporting, we’ll provide you with insights into your widget users, including who they are, what products they’re looking at, and where they’re looking.

Stop by booth 5541 to learn more.

Encentivizer™ Widget

Display all your DLC® and ENERGY STAR® qualified products in a searchable, easy-to-navigate table, including prescriptive and midstream rebates for all eligible fixtures and bulbs. Provide your distribution and sales network with a tool that allows them to check rebates for your products without wasting time navigating a utility program's website that they've never used before.

Product Awareness

An internal tool that will give you the ability to quickly assess where rebates are most lucrative for any individual product in your catalog. Search your product catalog by type, category, or SKU. You can check one product at a time, or you can look to see which product has the highest rebate in a given utility. We’ll keep the data up-to-date based on what you’ve already provided to the DLC® and ENERGY STAR®.

Project Awareness

Stop spending time navigating complicated utility rebate programs! The Encentivizer tools have the answers to all your questions about rebate eligibility and rebate estimates, whether you’re evaluating a single site or trying to estimate rebates across an entire portfolio.

Visit https://www.encentivenergy.com to learn more!

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