MetroSpec Technology favorably settles its IP complaints against Hubbell and Holectron

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MetroSpec Technology® LLC, a leading provider of high-intensity LED light circuits for lighting OEMs, announced today that it has reached settlements in two separate patent infringement lawsuits filed by MetroSpec against Hubbell Lighting, Inc. and Holectron LED Tech.   

MetroSpec filed its lawsuit against Hubbell in February 2017, alleging that Hubbell’s NorFlex flexible LED light strip product infringed MetroSpec’s U.S. Patent Nos. 8,143,631; 8,525,193; and 9,341,355.  MetroSpec sued Holectron in October 2017, alleging that certain flexible LED light strip products within Holectron’s FlexLine (FL), Tunable White (TW), and RGB+White (RGBW) lines infringe the same patents, as well as U.S. Patent Nos. 7,980,863; 8,007,286; 8,500,456; 8,968,006; and 9,357,639. 

The MetroSpec patents asserted against Hubbell and Holectron are part of a portfolio of twelve U.S. patents that cover and protect MetroSpec’s FlexRad® technology.  FlexRad® is a flexible high-performance LED circuit designed for light fixture manufacturers to enable them to create and manufacture customized LED fixtures using state of the art technology. 

Under the terms of the Hubbell settlement, Hubbell agreed not to make, use, sell or offer to sell the NorFlex product or any product that is substantially the same, for the enforceable life of the MetroSpec patents asserted against Hubbell.  Under the terms of the Holectron settlement, Holectron agreed, for the enforceable life of the MetroSpec patents asserted against it, not to make, use, sell, or offer to sell in the United States, or import into the United States the following product families, or products that are only colorably different:  FL-56-4/N2; FL-56-9/N2; FL-56-14/N2; FL-56-19/N2; FL-56-23/N2; FL-56-4/O2; FL-56-9/O2; FL-56-14/O2; FL-56-19/O2; FL-56-23/O2; FL-112-9/N2; FL-112-14/N2; FL-112-19/N2; FL-112-23/N2; FL-112-9/O2; FL-112-14/O2; FL-112-19/O2; FL-112-23/O2; FL-140-9/O2; FL-140-14/O2; FL-140-19/O2; FL-140-24/O2; FL-140-28/O2; TW-56-9/N2; TW-56-19/N2; RGBW-48-9/O2; RGBW-48-19/O2; and RGBW-48-24/O2.  Holectron also agreed not to sell these products to any customer that Holectron knows or has reason to know will use, sell or offer to sell them in the United States, or that will import these products into the United States, whether alone or incorporated into other products.   

“We are highly committed to protecting our intellectual property rights”, said Evan Johnston, President of MetroSpec. “We are not only protecting our own company, but we are protecting our customers as well, by ensuring that inferior, infringing products be prevented from penetrating the market. We have worked hard to design product technologies and develop manufacturing processes which assure our customers receive the highest quality, most reliable, flexible LED light strips available and have earned their industry-leading warranty. Removing inferior, infringing products from the market is critical to preserving the integrity of the characteristics of the FlexRad® technology. We are pleased that both Hubbell and Holectron have agreed to respect our intellectual property rights.”

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