Enger Tower chooses ControlBright's cloud-based lighting controls

Enger Tower lit up at night using ControlBright
Enger Tower lit up at night using ControlBright

ControlBright's cloud-based DMX platform has now been installed at Enger Tower, replacing the existing onsite controller.  Due to its high profile location, the tower is used to display support for various holidays, awareness campaigns, and causes through colored architectural lighting. Historically, this required configuring each scene through a computer-based program, which then gets connected to the lighting controller onsite and uploaded.  Unless each lighting scene was pre-programmed ahead of time, any changes throughout the year necessitated a trip by an electrician to the tower in order to update the existing lighting controller. As more sites are outfitted with architectural lighting, this means each site requires a visit in order to update programming.


The facilities team at the City of Duluth chose the ControlBright platform to enable better remote management of Enger Tower’s lighting system. By leveraging the ControlBright Light Engine (controller), along with the ControlBright cloud-based management platform, color changes, scene creation, and scheduling may be done through a browser from anywhere in the world.


"ControlBright is leading the next generation in DMX controls," said Chad Behling, President/CEO of ControlBright.  "The power of the cloud is now available to lighting installations worldwide, enabling multi-site control of colored lighting that, previously, was not possible."


ControlBright is designed to be manufacturer agnostic, meaning any DMX fixture from any manufacturer may be controlled using the ControlBright platform.  Additionally, there are no special requirements for the platform to function, beyond internet access and a DMX connection into the lighting installation. 


For more information, please visit:  www.controlbright.com

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