Q-Tran welcomes David LaVigna as Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)

Q-Tran, Inc, a Connecticut based lighting Manufacturer, welcomes David LaVigna, esteemed lighting designer and former CEO of 0 (zero) Energy Lighting, as Chief Innovation Officer (CINO). David will be responsible for leading the product development and engineering teams at Q-Tran. With his extensive background in the industry, LaVigna brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and will be focusing on further driving product innovation and market growth at the company. Gean Tremaine, COO of Q-Tran explains “David has the artistic vision of conceptualizing and problem-solving lighting challenges. Q-Tran has always been seen as a company focused on quality and design and we are extremely excited to have someone of David’s caliber join our team.”

Before joining Q-Tran, David founded and led 0 Energy Lighting, an LED fixture manufacturing and services company, filling the role of CEO, CTO, Lead Designer and Strategic Sales Manager. It was here that David, and his team, created the brand FlexAray, a line of high-quality Linear LEDs, 100% manufactured in the USA. David has also been privileged to work with and for many great lighting designers and firms; including zeroLUX Lighting Design, Visual Terrain and Simply by Others. Throughout his career, David also gained knowledge at Barbizon Light of New England, RockLiGHT Design Services, Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, Warner Brothers Productions, Olesen Lighting, and The Walt Disney Company.

"I feel privileged and humbled to be joining a company that carries the pedigree Q-Tran does – but more so I am pleased to join the Tremaine's in the next chapter of this great story.  My commitment (endorsed by Q-Tran) is to the industry and to the design community; to listen to your pain points and your needs, to learn from each and every one of you, and to produce the best quality lighting products and tools for the design community. A community that I am so passionate about." explains LaVigna.

Q-Tran, Inc. was founded in 1993 in response to an industry need for transformers specifically designed for low voltage lighting. The company has grown to sell over 300 varieties of Transformers and LED Power Supply Centers. In 2013, Q-Tran introduced Linear LED Lighting and Extrusions, quickly becoming one of the most trusted names in the industry.  Q-Tran continues to be an industry leader by applying the same high standards, innovative design and dedication to produce only the highest-quality products. Q-Tran proudly designs and manufactures lighting solutions in Milford, Connecticut. 


To learn more about Q-Tran’s product offerings, visit www.q-tran.com


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