World’s first LiFi enabled light bar demonstrated at Linmore LED Lab’s Fresno, California, Facility

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World’s first LiFi enabled light bar demonstrated at Linmore LED Lab’s Fresno, California, Facility

Mainstream adoption of LiFi will be available within LED light bars which will replace the most widely utilized light source in the world – fluorescent tubes.

The introduction of the first LED “light bar” enabled for LiFi data transmission is forecasted to replace the most conventional form of lighting within commercial and industrial facilities: fluorescent tubes; with an estimated 3-4 billion installed throughout the world. 

Unlike Wi-Fi, which utilizes radio frequencies to transmit data, LiFi utilizes light pulses from LED lights to transmit more secure, high speed wireless data.  Invisible to the naked eye, wireless “light” transmission has more potential bandwidth and is therefore capable of higher data transmission speeds than Wi-Fi.

Developed jointly by Linmore LED Labs and pureLiFi, the world’s first LiFi-enabled replacements for fluorescent tubes leverages the company’s existing patented light bar technology to deliver data at extremely high speeds.


A complete, functional LiFi system that utilizes the new linear LED light bars is now installed at Linmore’s facility in Fresno, California, for those interested in experiencing the technology in action.  pureLiFi and Linmore LED will also demonstrate this new technology at LuxLive from the 15-16th of November as part of their LiFi experience zone.  

Wireless connectivity is evolving. The spectrum now has to accommodate more mobile users and is forecasted to increase to 20 Billion devices (forming the IoT) by the year 2020 which will result in what is known as the Spectrum Crunch. However, LiFi can open up 1000 times more spectrum for wireless communications to combat this phenomenon.  LiFi is a transformative technology changing the way we connect to the Internet by using the same light we use to illuminate our offices, home and even streets.

Integration of LiFi within LED strip lights will drive mass adoption, enabling LiFi to easily move into full-scale implementation within offices, schools, warehouses and anywhere illumination is required.

Alistair Banham, CEO of pureLiFi says:

“This partnership marks a step change for LiFi adoption. We can now offer new solutions that will help industry, future proof their spaces, devices and technology to ensure they are ready to cope with the increased demand for highspeed, secure and mobile wireless communications.”

LiFi utilizes LED lights that illuminate both our work space and homes to transmit high speed, bidirectional, secure and fully networked wireless internet.

Lighting manufacturers are important players in the adoption of LiFi technology. Linmore LED has built its reputation in the retrofit market, and they ensure their portfolio of LED products perform in the top 1% for energy efficiency in the industry.

Retrofit fixtures are in great demand as many facilities seek to drive down energy costs by as much as 70-80% which can be achieved by converting to LED technology. This trend is also driven by the increased operating life that LEDs provide and the concerns of toxic mercury utilized within fluorescent lamps that complicates disposal. This provides a scenario where building owners and facility managers can adopt LiFi technology while dramatically decreasing lighting-related energy costs at the same time.

Paul Chamberlain, CEO of Linmore LED says:

“Utilizing an existing part of a building’s infrastructure – lighting – opens up endless possibilities for many other technologies to have a deployment backbone.  Internet of Things (IoT), RFID, product and people movement systems, facility maintenance, and a host of other technologies are taken to the next level with LiFi available throughout a facility.”

John Gilmore, Linmore LED VP of Sales talks about early adopters of the technology:

“We're very excited to be aligning ourselves with pure LiFi. We firmly believe the US Government will be an early adopter of this technology. Our position on GSA schedule will help buyers be able to easily access the technology.”

LiFi offers lighting innovators the opportunity to enter new markets and drive completely new sources of revenue by providing wireless communications systems. LiFi is a game changer not only for the communications industry but also for the lighting industry, and with LiFi, Linmore LED certainly has a brighter future. 

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