The Bottle Treater - UV, Flame & Pyrosil

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Systematic Automation Inc. Farmington CT has developed a low cost, high production UV curing and pretreatment system for cylindrical products. The Bottle Treater (patents applied) is revolutionary in its method of delivering UV and flame/Pyrosil treatment to products. You will only require one 2” UV system for the Bottle Treater and it will UV cure products up to 10” in height it. This not only cuts down on the initial investment on larger, more expensive UV equipment but also drastically lowers energy consumption and cost of consumables. Instead of purchasing a 6” or 12” UV curing system, all you require is one low cost 2” UV system. The Bottle Treater only requires a 2” UV system because the product is spiraling as it ascends and descends for uniform 360 coverage. 3rd party UV systems can be incorporated in to the Bottle Treater. Systematic Automation offers the Ultra Light UV Curing System that features industry leading energy efficiency.
Both UV and pretreatment systems can be integrated into the Bottle Treater. UV inks may need flame or Pyrosil pretreatment for better adhesion. Pyrosil is one of the best adhesion promoting techniques available to decorators. The Bottle Treater provides the lowest entry point for pretreatment as well. Traditional flame (from Propane or natural gas) can be used for treating products that have oil or other containments. Pyrosil treatment adds a layer of silicate so even the most stubborn of surfaces, such as glass, can be printed on with adhesion that will withstand even industrial dishwashers. The user no longer has to use troublesome solvent based inks that can stick to the screen (eventually ripping it) and have harmful volatile active chemicals. UV inks provide the customer with instant curing without the harmful chemicals.
The Bottle Treater is manufactured at the Systematic Automation factory in Farmington, CT. Any cylindrical product can be used on the system. From a shot glass to a keg, the Bottle Treater can do it all. The Bottle Treater tooling features a vacuum for product hold down during the ascending and descending process. All the customer has to do is push a food petal and let the machine do the rest. The speed and spiral speed are adjustable via the control box.The throughput of the Bottle Treater is approximately 1,800 parts per hour and will remain the same regardless of the part diameter. Having the Bottle Treater manufactured in house provides Systematic Automation with the oppurtunity to tailor the machine to the customer’s product and process. For more information contact the factory directly at 860-677-6400 or go to
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