Xeleum’s Xi-Fi Lighting Control Receives DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Certification

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Xeleum, a U.S. based engineering and manufacturer of commercial and industrial LED lighting products, announced today that its Xi-Fi Wireless Lighting Control System is now listed on the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List (QPL) under the category of Networked Lighting Control (NLC) Systems.

Xi-Fi technology adds a powerful intelligent lighting capability to Xeleum’s line of LED luminaires. Featuring an intuitive user interface that enables a quick and easy installation, the Xi-Fi control system makes it possible for users to create groups - or zones - of fixtures and adjust settings such as light levels, time-out duration, and more, without having to make physical adjustments at the fixtures. Integrated sensors for parameters such as motion and light make the system responsive to its environment and further increases energy savings.

Bob Diamond, CEO of Xeleum stated, “Having our control system included on the DLC QPL listing is a most important milestone for our company as it endorses our Xi-Fi technology as a premier commercial and industrial lighting management system.” He added, “We’re confident that users will find features, such as zoning, continuous dimming, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting, most useful, not simply for cost reduction, but also to increase occupant comfort, security, and productivity.”

The Xi-Fi control system is provided as a standard feature of many Xeleum luminaires and, using the XCM clip-on module, is offered as an option for luminaires where it is not built-in. It can be operated on its own internal peer-to-peer closed network for initial set up and local control and if needed, it can be connected through a gateway to the cloud for remote access over the Internet.

Xeleum intelligent luminaires represent an important step in the evolution of lighting with imbedded sensors becoming part of an Internet enabled network, capable of not only providing superior illumination but also delivering important real time data on a granular level for increasing facility efficiency, occupant comfort, and productivity.


About Xeleum

Xeleum is a U.S. based market leader in industrial and commercial high-quality LED Lighting and Control products. Its engineering team is dedicated to the development of new, leading edge products and intelligent devices that provide the maximum possible energy savings along with superior illumination.

Xeleum is committed to maintaining its leadership role in the evolution of solid state lighting and to leveraging the latest technology in sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT), environmental control, data mining and smart building systems.

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