With Varien LED Tape Light, Alloy LED Brings Dim-to-Warm LED Linear Lighting to Market

Image shows color examples of Varien tape light, not steps or presets.
Image shows color examples of Varien tape light, not steps or presets.

Alloy LED has launched the Varien Dim-to-Warm LED Tape Light, establishing the company as one of the first to bring this technology, also known as "warm-dim," to market. Using a CL dimmer with Alloy's PrimaVolt Dimmable Drivers, Varien warms from 3000K to a very warm 1800K candlelight as it is dimmed so that users can smoothly control the color temperature of their LED lighting to suit the mood.

Many LED lighting systems, especially models that offer color-changing or adjustable color functionality, require dedicated accessories and other special components. Varien's intelligent circuit design eliminates the need for extra components normally needed to change kelvin temperature, including receivers and remote controls. This greatly reduces installation complexity and materials cost.

Alloy LED President Joe Flynn says, "As humans our eyes have evolved to work best and appreciate light that is at the warmer end of the light spectrum, such as candlelight and the sun at dusk and dawn. Varien provides that comfortable, familiar light both in a warm light for tasks and a very warm candlelight white for relaxing. Varien's warming dim is controlled with standard in-wall dimmers with no need for remotes or receivers, making it simple and convenient to use. Alloy LED is at the forefront of dim-to-warm LED technology, and we have plans to develop more color-adjustable lighting that seamlessly integrates into our environment."

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