Alloy LED Linear Lighting Is Now Title 24 Listed

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A Title 24 listing states that the product has been third-party tested to exceed Title 24 building codes for efficiency and light quality, and is listed in the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) Title 24 database. Being Title 24 compliant and listed on the CEC site means that Alloy LED's products have met all the requirements of the 2016 version of the Joint Appendix 8 (JA8 2016) of the California Building Code.

All tape light manufacturers were removed from the list in 2016 and required to reapply for the JA8-2016 standard, and Alloy LED is the only tape light manufacturer currently listed. Only products listed in the CEC can be officially regarded as Title 24 compliant. Products under 2700K and above 4000K CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) are ineligible for Title 24. Although a California standard, the Title 24 listing is recognized nationwide as a mark that products have met high quality and performance standards.

The Title 24 JA8 2016 standard that became enforced on January 1, 2017 goes beyond light quality and covers a broad range of luminaire qualities including:

  • 90 CRI or better. Alloy LED only sells ultra-premium 95+ CRI tape light.
  • R9 value of 50 or better. Most Alloy LED products have R9 values above 90.
  • Smooth dimming down to 10% or less. Alloy LEDs can be dimmed to 0.1%.
  • Quiet operation so that no buzzing can be heard from the driver or light product. Alloy PrimaVolt drivers and PrimaLine tape light provide a completely silent operating experience.
  • No visible flicker operation to ensure that no flicker can be seen at any dimming level.
  • Efficiency to ensure that power savings are in line with California standards.

Alloy President Joe Flynn states “Providing an ultra-premium linear lighting solution has been a defining principle of Alloy LED and we are pleased to see that the California Energy Commission is helping to quantify and standardize a high quality of light for California residents. Inferior LED lighting solutions not only light environments poorly, but affect people’s health by interfering with their natural sleep patterns by emitting too much blue light and by causing headaches due to flickering. Using a Title 24 certified product such as Alloy LED’s linear lights ensures that lighting not only renders objects in their true colors, but also ensures those living and working in the space are healthy.“

Title 24 products can be viewed publicly without a login. To view the California Energy Commissions (CEC) list of Title 24 listed products go to: Choose the “Appliance Search” button underneath “Public Search”. Select “Company” and in the drop-down box choose “Alloy LED”, then click “Search”. A list of products will be shown.

About: Alloy LED is a manufacturer and distributor of superior LED lighting solutions that enhance the way people live and work. Alloy offers products through wholesale and commercial sales channels.

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