How to choose suitable led grow light for your greenhouse project, why we strongly recommend Atop Lighting ?

Atop Lighting led grow light is more suitable for you
Atop Lighting led grow light is more suitable for you

In recent years, with the development of agriculture, greenhouse has become a trend of agricultural application.We all know that the climate is different in different places. In some places, the temperature is low and the sunshine time is short.The temperature is higher in some places, but in winter and spring there is mostly rainy day and lack of  sufficient sunshine. Moreover different plants need different light. Therefore, we need to add extra light to the greenhouse.People have been constantly exploring how to use existing luminous products to effectively supplement the light needed for plant growth in order to speed up the plant's growth development, shorten its growth cycle.

There are some obvious problems in the current market of grow light.

1. Lacking of analysis of specific spectral components leads to impurity of grow light quality treatment.

2. The light intensity is inconsistent, close to or even lower than the light compensation point of plants.

3. Low energy efficiency of irradiation grow light source.

Working principle and application of plant lamps

Plants need red and blue light for photosynthesis, not green light .Therefore, light environment is one of the important physical environmental factors indispensable for plant growth and development.led grow lights are mainly based on the photosynthetic curve of plant photosynthesis and percentage of photosynthetic pigment absorbed light to determine the composition and proportion so as to provide a good light environment for plants.

After application testing, the wavelength of our led grow light is very suitable for plant growth, flowering and fruit.General indoor plants and flowers will grow worse and worse with the passage of time.The main reason is lack of light irradiation. Through led grow light suppliment needed light  based on spectrum, our led grow light not only can promote its growth, but also can extend the flowering period, improve the quality of flowers.So we gather these three benefits of led grow light .

1.can provide supplementary light  for plants in the case of insufficient external light,so as to ensure sufficient light for plant growth.

2. can extend the illumination time.For plants that need medium and long sunshine, natural light cannot provide enough illumination time.and led grow light can extend the illumination time to reach the optimal photoperiod of plants.

3.can fullly utilize indoor greenhouse or plant laboratory to promote plant growth ,but not only depend on nature light  thereby ensure the supply of market.

Our led grow lights are widely used in artificial light-controlled plant facility cultivation environment.We usually measure the luminous flux , efficiency as well as the occupancy rate of red, green and blue lights of our LED grow light through professional equipment.The following is a kind of fluorescent plant light choosen randomly in our market and our led grow light #led plant light. Through comparison, you can clearly know why our plant lights are so popular.

1. Contrast of luminous flux and luminous effect

Fluorescent plant lamps have a slightly higher luminous efficiency and flux than LED grow light. Whereas because only downward light can effectively illuminate plants.the true luminous efficiency and flux of fluorescent plant lamps are only about 50% of their own.

Table 1

                           Luminous efficiency and luminous flux


Type                             fluorescence grow light                 led grow light


Luminous efficiency             36.37lm/w                                26.23lm/w   


Luminous flux                     840lm                                        635lm        


Table 1 is obtained by comparing the light efficiency and flux of fluorescent grow light and LED grow light through experiments.the light of fluorescence grow light  only 50% are effective. so It is obvious that LED grow light have better effect.


2. Red, green and blue light occupation ratio and relative spectrum comparison

Through analysis above found the actual effect of the LED grow light is better than fluorescent lamp plants.At the same time, we further compare red, green and blue light possession ratio and spectrum diagram. As shown in table 2,the red and blue light that plants need our LED grow light offer are as high as 99.50% .however the fluorescent  plant lamps only provide 53.90%. it is also worth noting that  fluorescent plant lamps contains 46.10% green light that plant don't need . Therefore, LED grow light is better for the effect of plant growth.

Table 2


                           Red ,Blue and green light percent


   Type                        fluorescence grow light                    led grow light    


    Red                              49.10%                                          93.10%  


    Blue                              4.80%                                            6.40%


   Green                           46.10%                                           0.40% 

2.4 power comparison of these two lamps

As can be seen from the above comparison, the real effect of LED grow light on plant photosynthesis is far better than that of fluorescent plant light.In addition, the power of the two types of plant lamps have obvious difference and their parameters are shown in table 3. As can be seen from table 3, the power of LED plant lamps is only 47.8% of that of fluorescent ones. so it is more economical to use led grow light.


                                            Power contrast


Type                          fluorescence grow light                     led grow light   


Power                                  50.6w                                         24.2w         

Comparison of lifespan

According to table 4, the lifespan of LED grow light is about 20 times longer than that of fluorescent plant light, which is more durable.



                                   lifespan contrast


Type                         fluorescence grow light                     led grow light   


lifespan                           2500-3500h                                >50000h         


Through spectral analysis and comparison. we know that the wavelength of fluorescent plant light is very dispersed. Although it has all kinds of light ,its occupation ratio is not concentrated. while the wavelength of LED grow light is very concentrated, and the light emitted is mostly red light and blue light, which has better photosynthetic effect on plants.At the same time, LED plant lights can also be equipped with different proportions of color light occupation ratio according to different types of plants.So LED plant lights work better.

By comparing fluorescent and LED grow lights,our LED grow light have better effect on plant growth.At the same time, LED plant lamps have long life, small size, light weight and other characteristics.To sum up, LED plant lights are more effective, more conducive to plant growth and suitable for practical production.

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