Brightgreen expands its + Collection with a powerful new design – the D2000+ LED downlight

Australian LED technology company Brightgreen launches the final addition to its popular + Collection – the powerful new D2000+ LED downlight.

The new D2000+ rounds out the + Collection – which consists of the D550+, D700+ and D900+ – resulting in a lighting design toolkit that provides everything from a focused accent light, to a broader-beamed, commercial-grade luminaire. This allows designers to achieve aesthetic consistency, Tru-Colour light quality and a modern, minimalist look throughout their entire project – no matter how large or small the space.

The powerful new design helps to maximise design efficiency in large spaces that require above average lux levels, allowing designers to use less fittings in their lighting layout. Projecting 2140 source lumens of Tru-Colour brightness, the new D2000+ is ideal for illuminating large spaces with high ceilings like art galleries, retail showrooms and hotel lobbies.

In addition to providing market-leading brightness, the new D2000+ features improved LED phosphors with Tru-Colour technology to enhance the appearance of architectural spaces making interior details and colours and textures appear more vibrant and lifelike.

Designed for long-lasting performance, the new D2000+ features an advanced digital driver for flicker-free dimming and seamless integration with leading control systems. The high-output design also comes backed by an unbeatable 7-year warranty for the LED and 5 years for the driver.

Key features of the D2000+ include:

  • 2140 source lumen output

  • Tru-Colour technology

  • An adaptive digital driver for seamless integration

  • Available in black and white

  • 7-year warranty

  • Recyclable through the Brightgreen buy-back scheme

Learn more about the D2000+ LED downlight.

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