The Smart City industry gets ready for TALQ certification

TALQ plug fest of the Smart City Protocol in October 2018
TALQ plug fest of the Smart City Protocol in October 2018

Cities require interoperability between smart city products from various vendors to avoid being locked in by proprietary systems. They may also need several smart city vertical apps to be controlled within a single central management software. That’s why the TALQ Consortium developed the Smart City Protocol to unify systems from multiple suppliers addressing a range of smart city use cases. Thanks to the TALQ Version 2.0 smart city protocol, cities are now able to select devices and networks from multiple vendors and control them through a single Central Management Software. TALQ has also developed a certification program to guarantee interoperability for cities.

TALQ Version 2.0 is based on globally accepted principles: a RESTful approach and associated JSON device and resource data models. This makes it easy to integrate into both Central Management Software and Outdoor Device Networks. Over the past few months, many member companies of the TALQ Consortium have started to support the TALQ Smart City protocol in their systems. Together with other companies who are planning to start the implementation shortly, they came to Valencia for two days of a TALQ developer’s workshop and plug fest. 

During the plug fest session, seven TALQ implementations were tested and all Central Management Software could control, command and monitor all smart city networks and gateways. Even though several new features were added compared to TALQ version 1 - including device commissioning, multiple CMS and other smart city vertical applications - attendees stated that TALQ Version 2.0 is much simpler to integrate than version 1. Furthermore, the session was a new opportunity for the TALQ members to test the TALQ test tool, clarify some complex use cases and fix minor issues. With thirteen companies from six countries, this TALQ developer’s workshop demonstrated the fast-growing awareness and interest from the smart city industry in providing interoperability to cities. 

The TALQ team is now preparing the formal certification program expected to be ready in Spring of 2019.

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