What can new LED lighting technology bring to people? The iDAPT shows consumers new way of enjoying lighting

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On this year's Light+ Building in Frankfurt Germany, the LED Bulb Expert- Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry (WELLMAX) officially introduced its patented iDAPT technology for LED light bulbs, attracting global attentions; on the Spring Canton Fair last month in Guangzhou, WELLMAX’s iDAPT technology again became the star of the fair, breaking sales records. With such popular demand from the global market, the iDAPT technology has become a rising star in the LED lighting industry. People are curious to understand what made it so successful?

The iDAPT technology in LED bulbs enables a smoother lighting experience for the eye

You probably have already experienced this: you wake up in an early morning; you reach over to the night stand and turn on the light, and immediately you have to close your eyes because of the sudden glaring shock from the light. It's just too bright for your eyes to take in a split second. 

In fact, the human eye requires a period of time to adapt from darkness to bright sunlight; generally, it takes 4 to 5 seconds for the eyes to adjust to the light after being in darkness. However, LED lights turn on instantly; although beneficial in varieties of situations during the day, it does not address the issue when people want a smoother lighting experience in the morning or at night. WELLMAX’s engineers cater to this need by designing the iDAPT technology for LED bulbs; it allows LED bulbs to gradually light-up in 4.5 seconds instead of instantly reaching 100% luminosity, protecting human eyes from the sudden change of luminosity. Especially for children and the elders, a gentle lighting experience is an extra protection and love for them from the family.

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The iDAPT technology gives LED bulbs a longer lifetime

Power surge is an invisible killer of electronic products, including LED bulbs. A power surge often happens when lightning strikes or when switching on light, causing the voltage level instantly rise above the limit that your lamp was designed to handle. In power grid unstable regions, power surge happens more frequently.

WELLMAX's iDAPT technology equipped the LED bulb with a cutting-edge IC design that can protect the bulb from damages caused by power surge, effectively strengthening product quality and durability. 

With the unique benefits that iDAPT technology can bring, WELLMAX aims to help its global partners to build a high-end brand image by offering an upgraded consumer's lighting experience. Embedded SAMSUNG LED chips and high-standard production management also added unrivaled values to LED products with iDAPT. With all the advantages, WELLMAX’s client can always enjoy success in their local market!

Visit WELLMAX's official website: www.wellmaxgroup.com, you will get more information about the iDAPT technology as well as the company.

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