Astera at prolight+sound 2017 – A new X-series lamp: the AX5.

ASTERA at the Prolight+sound 2017
ASTERA at the Prolight+sound 2017

Pioneer of light

10 Years ago, a German brand specialized in Wireless lighting technology launched its first battery powered Event light and took the professional Event lighting industry by storm.

Today, that brand is still among the leaders of the Professional Event Lighting industry as the gap in technological advancement kept on growing, bringing a whole new dimension to Wireless Event Lighting.

From “L” to “X”

With the launch of its X-series, a few years back, Astera confirmed its position of leader in the Wireless Event Industry and Professionals from all around the world have embraced the technology, changing their daily events ways. The X-series are mostly differentiating from their competitors because of their unique features such as (among other features) 20 hours of straight runtime; the capability to conduct bi-directional communication to and from the company`s dedicated App; their IP65 waterproof housing allowing any-weather operation…  More information at


The game changes (Again)

Since the introduction of the AX7 a few years ago and the AX1 (the pixel-controllable wireless tube) in the current of 2016, the company has started a campaign for the release of a new product called “AX5”.

Astera worked closely with worldwide event professionals to come up with that “unique” product concept and received amazing feedbacks from the few lucky people that had the chance to feel and test the AX5`s first batch.

“I had a play at the AX5 and was amazed by its new features. It will change everything in the industry.” Benny Coppik, CEO of Art Evolution Service

Little information is available so far about the newest AX5 but the ad on the company`s social medias confirmed a spotlight-ish design that seems to be between the AX3 and the AX7, which would make a lot of sense, although the title suggests a lot more than that […].


The wait is over

With a network assembling most of European, North American and Pacific/Asian countries, fans seem to be responding to the call and are patiently waiting for the event.

Anyhow, this is only now a matter of days before we know more and only one phrase comes to mind at this point: BRING IT UP!

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