Luminis Introduces New Optics Module for Architectural Lighting Products

The new optics module will offer more optical flexibility, increased performance and improved efficiency.
The new optics module will offer more optical flexibility, increased performance and improved efficiency.

Luminis (, an established innovator and manufacturer of specification grade lighting solutions, has announced that it has developed a new optics module for its Syrios family. The module, which will offer more optical flexibility, increased performance and improved efficiency will be included as standard in all Syrios models. Syrios has already been recognized as the leading product in its category, winning industry innovation awards.

In terms of optical flexibility, all luminaires now benefit from a 9° narrow beam with a sharp cut-off option. There is also a narrow reflector, varying between 12° and 15° depending upon the model, for high ceiling applications. All products will now have a 26°-30° flood optic as standard and a 40°-55° wide optic option, depending on the model.

The advanced optics will also impact performance, increasing the lumens delivered across all products. For example, the Syrios SY800 now delivers a maximum of 7,500 lumens against 5,600 lumens previously. And, the Syrios SY802 now has a maximum delivered lumens of 13,000 – up from 9,500 with the older optics module. The Syrios and Syrios Square families consist of high performance, contemporary wall, pendant and surface mount luminaires.

Other products in the Luminis portfolio will also benefit from the new module, including Oculus, a recessed, adjustable downlight and Scopo, a family of ground, pole or surface mounted adjustable projectors.

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About Luminis

Luminis designs and manufactures specification grade interior and exterior lighting for a wide range of applications including parks, campuses, urban and commercial developments, offices, retail stores and schools. Throughout its 30-year history, the company has invested heavily in research and development to produce innovative products that integrate style and technology to deliver high efficiency, performance and durability. The company’s products have been recognized with a catalog of innovation awards, including PIAs, ADEX and IIDEX, as well as being included in the IES Progress Report selection. Luminis is a registered trademark of The Luminaires Group. More information about Luminis is available at



About The Luminaires Group

The Luminaires Group (TLG) is a leader in the specification-grade lighting industry. Through its unique niche brands (a-light, Cyclone, Eureka, Luminaire Led and Luminis), TLG provides a wide range of innovative lighting solutions for both interior and exterior use. Each company within TLG has a deep connection to the market segment it serves - designing, developing and manufacturing some of the industry’s most innovative products.


TLG executes a strategy of acquiring companies that bring specific competences to the group and supports them in their continued evolvement. The organization leverages this combined knowledge and expertise to continuously improve process and product design, to deliver the best possible combination of cutting edge lighting and unsurpassed support. Each brand in the group retains its autonomy and brand identity facilitating an organizational culture that is nimble and able react to its own market needs.


Trusted by architects, landscape architects, interior designers and engineers, TLG products can be found illuminating spaces throughout North America. Specified in commercial, institutional, hospitality and urban environments, TLG’s luminaires have been recognized for excellence and innovation by some of the leading authorities in lighting and design. They have received many awards, including several prestigious Red Dot Awards.


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