Photometric Power Tools

March 12, 2019

Lighting Analysts, Inc., a global leader in illumination engineering software, is pleased to announce the release of the new Photometric Power Tools software. This software was specifically invented to solve the problem of data maintenance due to the rapidly changing LED product cycle. Questions manufacturer’s must ask themselves: How often does someone in your organization have to spend hours and hours editing your IES photometric files for changes in LED or electronic components? Are you keeping up with important product changes? Are you factoring your files correctly for changes in output?  

Photometric Power Tools is the answer to overwhelming data maintenance. Now you can load folders full of files (and subfolders), factor the candela, and watts, change keywords and perform general edits in batch mode. “It’s so simple, what used to take an engineer several hours can now be done in minutes!” says David Speer, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development.  
Visit Lighting Analysts, Inc.’s website:  for additional information, a short video and free Trial version.  
About Lighting Analysts, Inc.  Founded in 1984, Lighting Analysts, Inc. is a world leader in lighting design software. Lighting Analysts, Inc. software systems are used by lighting industry professionals worldwide to aid in the conceptualization and design of lighting systems of almost any nature. Its AGi32 and ElumTools programs have won numerous industry accolades and awards.   
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