New ColourLine™ Wet RGBW Outdoor LED by Solid State Luminaires Offers Advanced Technical Specifications in a Single Fixture that allow for Optimal Performance and Control

ColourLine™ Wet - RGBW Outdoor LED
ColourLine™ Wet - RGBW Outdoor LED

Solid State Luminaires introduces the new ColourLine Wet outdoor LED. An outdoor RGBW luminaire with four advanced capabilities that will be crucial to holding a spec for the LED color lighting industry. ColourLine Wet is compatible with the most advanced and widest used industry RDM and DMX 512 programmable controllers. The on board programming and firmware advancements offer new and innovative capabilities that enhance quality performance and overall color control. The demand for color uniformity and control stems from wanting high-end application results. Each named technology in this article is a considerable advancement towards achieving the next generation in LED color lighting.

Observe the four unique advancements in technology utilized by ColourLine Wet (CLWET). The first is ColourQuick (CQ), the ability for red, green, blue and white (RGBW) LEDs to color mix within a distance of 4-6 inches, eliminating visual color spikes, or the need to recess lighting behind large cut-off shields. Next is ColourClone (CC), a robotic manufacturing process that calibrates every fixture to the exact same X, Y color coordinates and generates a bar code. It’s perfect for adding future fixtures, as well as matching a damaged one for replacement. Then there’s ColourSoft (CS), unlike standard 8-bit resolution for 256 step dimming, our 32-bit on-board MCU uses 16-bit resolution to provide 65,536 steps of resolution, while only using 8 bits of addressing space. A logarithmic delineation concentrates the resolution to the lower third of the dimming curve so low-end dimming and color transitions have zero flicker. Finally is ColourMode (CM), using Digital Dual Mode (DDM) technology to provide RGBW and Tunable CCT in a single fixture. In DDM personality mode the SSL firmware is designed to use 6 DMX channels. Channels 1-4 are reserved for RGBW. Channels 5-6 are used for CCT tuning, where channel 5 controls light intensity and channel 6 controls color temperature (CCT). See complete specifications.

ColourLine Wet is compatible with the most advanced and widest used industry RDM and DMX 512 programmable controllers. The in-house developed RDM firmware is continually reviewed to keep up with the latest ESTA RDM and ACN standard released. This provides assurance that SSL RGBW products will interoperate with all RDM controls, devices and fixtures in the market that comply to the standard. This also means scalability, from small single-run facade lighting to extremely large and complex lighting designs requiring sophisticated integrator solutions. As a controller option Solid State Luminaires offers the SSL ColourSelect Console as an easy setup controller with 64 programmable presets to accommodate quick installation and easy color control. See ColourSelect instructions.

As an outdoor LED luminaire, ColourLine Wet is rated IP66 for wet location use. It’s available in 1 foot and 4 foot lengths featuring twist-lock, IP68 rated (waterproof), 5-pin connectors. The standard mounting bracket is an 80 degree adjustable design for easy fastener installation, with an optional higher clearance bracket having full 180 degree rotation. There’s a variety of mounting accessories to support building and grounds applications. As well as, 15 different optical solutions to suit any application requirement. The ColourLine luminaire has an integrated universal 120V–277V driver that uses 14 watts (120V) for each 1-foot fixture and 56 watts (120V) for the 4-foot. It produces 550 Lumens/ft at max power and supports single linear runs up to 100ft/120V and 240ft/277V. The CLWET is contractor friendly and rugged, conforming to ANSI C136.1 vibration testing which makes this fixture an ideal solution for bridge applications and installations in extreme conditions. It’s also ETL certified for US and Canada and supported by a 5-year warranty. See complete CLWET specifications.

Solid State Luminaires, is a U.S. manufacturer of commercial architectural lighting fixtures for high-aesthetic indoor and outdoor applications, such as, retail, entertainment, hospitality, educational, government and other installations. Headquartered in St. Charles, IL (USA), the company ships globally. For further information about Solid State Luminaires and their lighting products call 800-900-1730 or visit

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