Display measurement systems – versatile and sophisticated

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At SID Display Week, due to take place in Los Angeles/USA from 20–25 May 2018, Instrument Systems will be exhibiting its high quality measuring systems for “Display Quality Control”, “Automotive Interior Measurement” and “Display Production Testing”. Highlights at the exhibition booth #1329 will be the live presentation of the view direction dependent analysis of displays on the DMS 803 and production-typical use of the spectrally optimized LumiTop 2700 imaging colorimeter.

Display quality control – DMS 803
The proven DMS series for viewing direction dependent analysis of displays is keeping pace with the constantly increasing demands. The new SCAN300 motorized positioning unit affords substantial time savings in the measurement of large displays up to 16 inches in one scan or, alternatively, parallel measurement of several small displays. The new HCS-3B temperature control chamber keeps the display under test stable at target temperatures between -40 to and +100 °C. In particular this is critical for the quality analysis of displays used in cars. A highlight of the latest software updates is the new SDR-module for measurement of the spectral reflectance of OLED and LC-displays under hemispherical diffuse illumination as a basis for evaluation of the contrast under a wide range of ambient illumination conditions according to IEC 62341-6-2.

Display production testing – LumiTop 2700
The spectrally optimized LumiTop 2700 imaging colorimeter enables high-precision 2D measurements at production speed. As a 3-in-1 system it combines an RGB camera and a flicker diode with a high-end spectroradiometer of the CAS series. Thanks to ongoingreference checks with the spectroradiometer, the extremely high degree of measurement precision is applied to the complete field of view of the camera. Due to this unique combination the LumiTop 2700 is ideal for use in display production lines, for in-process quality control and qualification tests in development. The accompanying LumiSuite software with software development kit provides for numerous analysis options in the lab.

Automotive interior measurement – LumiCam 2400
At Display Week, Instrument Systems will be exhibiting the high-resolution LumiCam 2400 imaging colorimeter for the fast spatially resolved analysis of display symbols and control elements in vehicles and displays. In addition to the measurement of luminance and color distribution the homogeneity, contrast and mura of displays and flat panel displays can also be quickly and extremely accurately determined. The LumiCam 2400 is available in the versions Mono, Color (4 color filters) and Advanced (6 color filters) and with its resolution of 5 megapixels it has been optimized for diverse automotive applications. The complete system DTS 140D with the new spectroradiometer CAS 140D for the highly accurate spectral characterization of displays and automotive interior lighting will be exhibited at the stand.

At booth #1329 at the LA Convention Center interested visitors are invited to attend in-depth demonstrations of the measurement solutions. A paper presented by Dr. Michael E. Becker at the SID Display Week Monday Seminars on 21 May 2018 titled “Display Metrology: Basics, Framework and Applications” will supplement the presentation of the Munich-based light measurement technology manufacturer:

21.5.2018, SID Display Week 2018, Monday Seminars, Track 3, 12:50 – 2:20pm “Display Metrology: Basics, Framework and Applications”, Dr. Michael E. Becker.



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