Zierick Manufacturing Releases New 1306-18W Surface Mount Horizontal IDC

Zierick 1306-W18 Terminal with and with out wire terminated
Zierick 1306-W18 Terminal with and with out wire terminated

Zierick Manufacturing Corporation has developed an addition to our Insulation Displacement Terminal offerings.  The patented 1306-W18 is the first of a series of parts for connecting discrete wires to printed circuit boards.  The new 1306-W18 is specifically designed to terminate 18 gauge wires but plans exist to offer the part to cover the range for 16-24 gauge wires.  The terminal provides redundant wire connection for increased reliability and is available in EIA Standard Tape and Reel packaging for automated placement during the surface mount manufacturing process.

Wires are terminated without any additional preparation (the insulation does not need to be removed) and the process enables removal or replacement of the wire with the use of a simple hand tool.  Additionally the terminal’s "Horizontal wire termination" produces a minimal amount of vertical pressure being placed on the PCB. Supporting of the PCB is not as important for this wire termination as it is for the vertical wire terminations; this feature enhances its use on ‘sensitive’ substrate materials like glass or ceramic that can be damaged by elevated vertical forces. The wire termination process makes this part ideal for field termination applications or reworks.

The terminal is a perfect fit for applications such as Solid-State Lighting, Sensors, Automotive Modules as well as any application that needs an economical, discrete wire to board connection.

Zierick offers product in standard 16mm EIA Tape and Reel (1306-W18-T) and bulk configurations.

For information about the specific part numbers included, please visit www.zierick.com, call 914-666-2911, email contactus@zierick.com or write to Zierick Manufacturing Corporation, 131 Radio Circle, Mount Kisco, New York 10549. 

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