LED Edge-lit Panel being used to back light and image.
LED Edge-lit Panel being used to back light and image.
LED Edge-lit light panels are 0.31-inch thick acrylic sheets with LEDs on one or more edges. Light is distributed evenly throughout the edge-lit panel by "V" cut grooves on one face of the panel. Possible uses for edge-lit panels include photography, signage, architectural lighting, light boxes, retail displays, under cabinet lighting, back-lighting stone or stained glass, lighting in floors, lighted walls, creating a faux window or skylight, lighted shelves and tables.

Available in sizes from 2 x 3.5-inches to 48 x 96-inches
Custom sizes and shapes
Low voltage DC
No mercury or heavy metals
No maintenance
Life 50,000 + hours
Can be dimmed
No noise
UL listed
Brightness ~ 2000+ Lx (dependent on size of panel and number of edges lit)
With or without quick-change aluminum frame (available in several colors)
Framed panels include mounting hardware
0.3-inch (8mm) thick without frame, 0.75-inch thick with flip-open frame
Can be mounted in any position
Even illumination from edge to edge (only ~10% difference in brightness from edge of panel to center of panel)
Color: 3200K, 3700K, 4200K, 4700K, 5300K, 6000K, 7000K, 8000K
Quality Product from South Korea
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