RGB with IC
RGB with IC
American Bright today announced a new series of PLCC 5050 / 3530 RGB LED chip. The RGB PLCC chip has an integrated circuit that features self-detection signal, support for continuous oscillation, and pulse with modulation (PWM) output that can maintain static screen. The EzyLED has a low power consumption of 0.2W (max: 1W), applied voltage of 5V and an operating temperature -40° C to 70° C. The emitted red, green, blue can achieve various color mixes with 8-bit (256 level) color set with 5-bit (32 level) brightness adjustment.

Features and Benefits:
Synchronous of two-lane
8-bit (256 level) color set
5-bit (32 level) brightness adjustment
Low voltage .2W power consumption
Built in support for continuous oscillation
Self-detection signal
Refresh rate of 400 cycles

Large LED display and backlighting
Soft light bar and rope lighting
Full color display
Indoor and outdoor commercial and residential architectural lighting
Decoration and entertainment lighting
Gaming Machines
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