Leotek's ComfortView Neighborhood LED Street Light
Leotek's ComfortView Neighborhood LED Street Light
ComfortView™ street lights utilize a new approach to address glare for neighborhood streets. Traditional first-generation LED optical systems incorporate a single optical lens over the LED. The two-stage optical system in ComfortView™ incorporates a second refractor optic, which reduces glare and maximizes visual comfort.

To further reduce the harsh contrast between the light source and the dark sky, ComfortView™ incorporates an intermediate lower luminance “transition zone,” which directs internally reflected light back out of the luminaire.

As with our other GreenCobra® LED Street Lights, ComfortView™ is built with durable high-strength materials and reliable components, and is backed by our 10-Year Warranty and 20 years of experience building LED lighting products.

Now neighborhoods can be beautifully lit with more visual comfort than first-generation LED luminaires while maintaining safety and energy efficiency.
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