E-Lite Releases Super Light Graphene Composite LED High Bay

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Oct 2017
A 150W LED high bay only weighted 3.5Kg! The Installation becomes super easy!!
This is the new LED high bay range just released by E-Lite, a LED high bay with grapheme composite heat sink.
As the leading innovator in high tech LED lighting industry, E-Lite pulls the Nobel Prized Graphene material out from laboratory and put it into real-life LED lighting technology!
The Nobel Prize winning materials, Graphene, is an allotrope of carbon with remarkable
physical and electrical properties, it is ultra-light yet immensely tough, 200 times stronger than steel yet incredibly flexible, a superb conductor both electrically and thermally, and almost inert to all chemicals.
E-Lite Grapheneism™ series LED high bay features:
Super light, weighted 1/3 of a die-cast LED high bay light, only 3.5Kg for a 150W high bay.
Extremely easy installation
Much stronger and durable than steel and aluminum, suitable for all tough environment
Inert to almost all corrosion
System Efficacy above 130LPW
100W – 200W light fixtures, operating at 90V-277V or 200V-480V
IP65 protected
Dimmability and intelligent control available as options
Lynn Yao (Ms.)
Director, International Sales & Marketing
E-Lite Semiconductor, Inc.
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