C Series - Round - On-Board Junction Box LED Recessed Ceiling Light

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The C Serie LED Ceiling light put together different products that are ideal for indoor high-quality lighting. This particular ceiling light comes with junction box. As a result, the installation process is very simple and safe. On top of that, this fixture has an ETL certification. Consequently, this product is perfect for commercial and industrial projects.

The Round Junction Box LED ceiling light is available in two Daylight White LED color options: one of 4000K and another one of 5000K. Both options are ideal for a natural balance between warm and cool white. The natural colors of the sun are apparent and even with the blinds shut. It'll seemingly be like there is daylight if you put enough of these fixtures. As a result, this product provides a comfortable, vibrant home or office environment.

Additionally, this lamp has a white shell that goes perfectly with any contemporary lighting design. Not to mention the dimmable quality that will allow you to adjust the light anytime is necessary. This product is available in 10 watts, 15 watts, and 25 watts version. All of them with an input of 120 VAC and an output of 90
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