New ColourLine™ Wet - RGBW Outdoor LED
New ColourLine™ Wet - RGBW Outdoor LED
An outdoor RGBW luminaire with advanced capabilities crucial to holding a spec for the LED color lighting industry. ColourLine Wet is compatible with the latest ESTA RDM and ACN standards. The on board programming and firmware advancements offer new and innovative capabilities that enhance quality performance and overall color control.

First is ColourQuick (CQ), the ability for red, green, blue and white (RGBW) LEDs to color mix within a distance of 4-6 inches, eliminating visual color spikes. Next is ColourClone (CC), a robotic manufacturing process that calibrates every fixture to the exact same X, Y color coordinates and generates a bar code. Then there’s ColourSoft (CS), unlike standard 8-bit resolution for 256 step dimming, our 32-bit on-board MCU uses 16-bit resolution to provide 65,536 steps of resolution, while only using 8 bits of addressing space, concentrating the resolution to the low-end dimming curve for zero flicker. ColourMode (CM), using Digital Dual Mode (DDM) technology to provide RGBW and Tunable CCT in a single fixture. In DDM personality mode the SSL firmware uses 6 DMX channels. Channels 1-4 are reserved for RGBW. Channels 5-6 are used for CCT tuning, where channel 5 controls intensity and 6 controls color temperature (CCT).
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