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18640 NE 67th Ct
Redmond, WA 98052
United States

Radiant Vision Systems engineers advanced imaging solutions to critically evaluate light and color in illuminated displays, LEDs, backlit keypads and symbols, and other light sources. Using photometric cameras engineered to replicate human visual sensitivity to visible wavelengths of light, Radiant solutions employ the most sophisticated inspection technology for matching customer expectations for quality in high-value lighting technology, devices, assemblies, and surfaces. Radiant automated visual inspection systems are used worldwide in applications ranging from light source characterization, to in-line evaluation of illuminated devices, to machine vision inspection of non-illuminated assemblies.

Radiant develops integrated solutions for both R&D and production-line testing of intensity, illuminance, luminance, and chromaticity of various lighting sources. In R&D environments, compact goniometer systems combine imaging technology and application software to deliver fast, cost-effective, and comprehensive data, enabling lighting engineers to optimize their product designs and easily generate standard output files, including IES, EULUMDAT, or Radiant Source Model® (RSM) formats. These files can be used for design evaluation and imported to any major optical design package, such as ASAP®, FRED®, LightTools®, LucidShape®, Photopia™, IES TM-25, Opticad®, OSLO®, SimuLux®, SPEOS®, TracePro®, and OpticStudio™ (ZEMAX), as well as general file formats like IES or EULUMDAT. On the production line, Radiant photometric test systems including ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers ensure product quality and consistency in real time, optimizing cost-efficiency and increasing yields.

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